Kindling Arts is Nashville's radically unique independent arts incubator. Founded in 2018 by Jessika Malone & Daniel Jones, Kindling Arts develops innovative new works by Nashville’s experimental artists, empowering diverse creators with the resources required to explore challenging ideas in a multidisciplinary context. Emphasizing an artist-centered process, the Kindling Arts Festival is a multi-day annual event that showcases interdisciplinary collaborations in surprising spaces.


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Kindling Arts x Defy Film Festival
Saturday, May 15th at 8PM + Sunday, May 22nd at 5PM
OZ Arts Nashville

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$5K by 5/5

Celebrating 5 Years of Kindling Arts
Now through May 5th
Help us reach our goal of $5,000! 

2022 Festival July 28-31 OZ Arts Nashville The Darkhorse Theater Nashville School for the

2022 Festival

July 28-31, 2022
OZ Arts Nashville  |  The Darkhorse Theater
Nashville School for the Aerial Arts  |  and more... 

In the second installment of Heroic Couplets: Poetry into Film Collaborations, 8 pairs of local artists work together to create a cinematic adaptation of a poetic work. This new collection explores gender identity and uniquely queer perspectives. 
Hailed in 2021 as the "Best Summer Arts Festival" by the Nashville Scene, Kindling Arts Festival is back and bigger than ever in Summer 2022! Celebrating our 5th year, Nashville’s radically unique independent arts incubator is on a mission to raise $5,000 by 5/5.
Nashville's "Best Summer Arts Festival" is back for another year of radically unique performance, art, and experimentation! For four days in late July, Kindling Arts Festival will light up venues across West Nashville. Mark your calendars to join us, July 28-31!

To support the work of Kindling Arts and Nashville-based artists, please consider making a donation via our fiscal sponsor, the Arts & Business Council.

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