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We are Nashville's home for radically unique, independent artists.
Founded in 2018, Kindling Arts develops innovative new works by Nashville’s experimental artists, empowering diverse creators with the resources required to explore challenging ideas in a multidisciplinary context. By providing local artists with space, resources, and practical support, Kindling promotes underrepresented voices and aesthetics, making space for boundary-pushing work that would otherwise be impossible. Kindling’s core programming includes the annual Kindling Arts Festival, a multi-day celebration of local artists that showcases more than a dozen diverse performances and events in various venues throughout Nashville, as well as unique arts events year-round.


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Kindling Arts Festival 2023
July 27-30  |  West Nashville

Our signature 4-day performance festival featuring more than a dozen new works by local artists returns this July to OZ Arts Nashville, The Darkhorse Theater, Nashville School for the Aerial Arts, The Barbershop Theater, and Global Education Center.

Explore all 17 projects in the line-up with a Wildfire Weekend Pass from just $95 (Standard) or $150 (VIP).
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Kindling Arts Festival 2023 is all about empowering the counterculture that's thriving here in Nashville! We're on a mission to raise $10,000 to support more than a dozen local artist projects that will appear in our 2023 Festival (July 27-30). Everyone deserves a voice. Everyone deserves to share their spark. 
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Best Immersive Theater Experience

Best Summer Arts Festival

Best Local Theater Performance

All the Dead Things
at Royal Circus
(Nate Eppler + Alicia Ha

Kindling Arts Festival 2021
(including programming at OZ Arts, The Barbershop Theater, Nashville School for the Aerial Arts, and Centennial Park)

The Naughty Tree at the Blue Room (River Timms, Fable Cry, Lenin Fernandez)

Best Wrestling-Karaoke Crossover

Bar Fight!  (Jessika Malone, Diego Gomez, Daniel Carter)  


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