Support. Local. Art. 

Kindling's mission is to enable diverse local artists to take risks and explore challenging ideas. In the midst of an ever-changing city, it is essential that we support new modes of expression and hold space for daring art to be shared. We believe there are many stories still to be told here in Nashville.

We're proud to pay every artist that is a part of the Festival, and our goal is to be open about the ticket split model that allows the Festival to function as well as the costs associated with putting on an event of this scale. The artists on stage are receiving 40% or more of the cost of any ticket you purchase to a Kindling Arts Festival event. And we would like to see that percentage go up!

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Kindling Arts Festival so we can continue supporting local artists and expanding our programming for years to come. Thank you for helping us spread the fire!

Kindling Arts Festival is a sponsored project of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville. When making an online donation, please select Kindling Arts Festival from the drop-down menu of sponsored projects. If you'd prefer to make a donation via check, please contact


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