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All the Dead Things, Kindling Arts Festival 2019

Pictured: James Rudolph II & Jessica Carter performing in All the Dead Things, created and assembled by Nate Eppler and directed by Alicia Haymer. Royal Circus, Kindling Arts Festival 2019.


Kindling Arts develops innovative new works by Nashville’s experimental artists, empowering diverse creators with the resources required to explore challenging ideas in a multidisciplinary context.


Kindling Arts supports innovative artists working in contemporary forms that challenge  the limitations of conventional art and performance, providing audiences with  exceptional experiences made possible through singular and often unclassifiable  collaborations. Focusing on artists rooted in Middle Tennessee and the Southeast  region, Kindling Arts will create a network for professional growth and artistic exchange  in the contemporary South. This service to artists fills a gap in the cultural landscape,  providing local creators with a home to experiment with the creation of new work and  explore interdisciplinary collaborations in a safe, encouraging environment. By fostering  an inclusive, artist-centered process, facilitating developmental opportunities, and  providing producing support through an annual Festival and unique year-round  programming, Kindling Arts will continue to raise Nashville's reputation as an  extraordinary artistic force in the national cultural landscape. 



Our process focuses on the health and equitable care of artists by prioritizing fair pay, inclusive spaces, safe experimentation, sustainable practices, and ample development opportunities.  


We believe that art is a public good and seek to facilitate the creation and presentation of work that responds to the needs of the citizens of Nashville and provides tangible resources, learning opportunities, and meaningful inspiration to our community.  


We are committed to being a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization where all people, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, or disability, feel valued, respected, and invited into the art-making process.  


As a justice-oriented and explicitly anti-racist organization, we amplify the voices of  marginalized and underrepresented artists by producing art that advocates for social justice and prioritizes the work of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ makers while actively investing in members of historically under-resourced communities.  



We believe in the innovative power of multidisciplinary collaboration to cultivate new  creative aesthetics and foster meaningful change within the arts industry and the  greater community.  


We believe in collaboration over competition -- the generous sharing of resources makes more diverse and inventive work possible, and we actively seek to pool resources to support the production of art that may otherwise be impossible.  


We believe that a budget is a moral document and aim to be open and accountable to our community who will hold us to the standards of fairness and equity at all times, in all of our decision making, financial and otherwise.  

To support the work of Kindling Arts and Nashville-based artists, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.
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