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Suspended Gravity | IN THE EYE
A performance film created in collaboration with Griffin R. Dunn
Premieres Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm CT

“You can dance in a hurricane / but only if you're standing in the eye”

- Brandi Carlile

Join Nashville circus arts collective Suspended Gravity as they explore the journey to find peace and balance in the midst of turbulent times. This visually stunning new performance film, IN THE EYE, features original compositions that speak to the artists’ individual struggles as they navigate an often tumultuous world in a year that has drastically altered plans and changed so many lives. These works delve into themes of loss, anxiety, connection and rebirth, examining the human experience in moments of crisis and joy.

Bailey Freeman  //  Patrick Martin  //  Heather McAlister
Paige Muirhead  //  Tiffany Smith  //  Michael West

The film will premiere at 7pm on Thursday, December 3rd via the Kindling Arts YouTube channel and will run approximately 30 minutes.


This event is free to view. To make a donation that directly supports the artists creating IN THE EYE, please consider making a gift of any size to Kindling Arts Festival via the Arts & Business Council's website.

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