Thursday, August 1st - Saturday, August 4th

Track One | Flamingo Cocktail Club | Royal Circus

In its second year, Kindling Arts Festival remains committed to fulfilling its mission of empowering diverse local performers with the space and supporting resources to take daring creative risks and explore challenging ideas. The 4-day line-up features adventurous work ranging from abstract performance art to a showcase for emerging female choreographers, with artistic expressions including dance, theatre, circus, performance art, immersive happenings, and hybrid forms.

Want to explore multiple events in the Festival? We want that too! Create a full adventure with the Wildfire Weekend Pass and see everything for only $75. Or choose a Triple Play pass for just $38 to see your favorite genre or work - Dance, Theatre, or Performance Art. If you'd like ultimate flexibility, consider an 8-ticket or 4-ticket Flex Pass that will allow you to divide your tickets among the ticketed events however you choose! 

Suspended Gravity


Saturday, Aug 3rd at 8PM + Sunday, Aug 4th at 4PM

The Garage at Track One

$15 in advance / $20 at the door

Explore the rhythms of connection and community with Suspended Gravity’s latest knockout aerial-dance performance. Set to an electronica-inspired soundtrack, Wavelength utilizes the flow of a single day to reflect moments of commonality, joy, and loneliness in the midst of the bustle of modern urban life. The evening promises a range of dynamic emotions and physical feats as each performer creates a universal message through their personal strength on aerial apparatus.

Found Movement Group


Thursday, Aug 1st at 10PM + Friday, Aug 2nd at 9PM

Flamingo Cocktail Club


Obsession is an immersive site-specific dance-theatre experience that will provoke questions about your own preoccupations and desires. Acclaimed directors Stacie Flood-Popp & Cailin Manning collaborate on a wholly unique event utilizing the grounds of the Flamingo Cocktail Club that reveals what makes us weak in the knees and surrender to that place beyond curiosity. Whether for a moment or a lifetime, obsessions -- as small or grandiose as they might be -- forever alter us for better or worse. What are the limits of your obsession? Or is that obsession an addiction? 

Nate Eppler + Alicia Haymer


August 1st, 2nd, and 4th at 7PM + 9PM

Royal Circus

$20 in advance / $25 at the door

Witness the story of the spectacular rise and fall of a wealthy southern family told across the crumbling treasures and mostly false recollections they left behind. This unique, immersive theatre experience from an unprecedented collaboration of five of the country’s most exciting young playwrights takes audiences on a guided tour of surreal scandals, super weird kinks, southern money, and statistically unlikely tornado outbreaks. All the Dead Things plays for a very limited audience inside Royal Circus – advance reservations are highly recommended.

Conceived by Nate Eppler

Directed by Alicia Haymer

Written by Nate Eppler, Tori Keenan-Zelt, Krista Knight, Andrew Kraymer, and R. Eric Thomas

Produced by Erica Jo Lloyd

Featuring Lauren Burst and Tamara Todres

Gardening, Not Architecture - Madeleine Hicks - Natalie Risk



Saturday, August 3rd between 7PM - 10PM

Silo Room at Track One

$12 in advance / $15 at the door

Explore three wildly different meditations on identity, status, and transformation in Brief Encounters, a one-of-a-kind evening of performance art. Gardening, Not Architecture delivers “Absence of Me,” featuring original music, movement, and video to delve into the uncanny. “Birdgirl,” a durational performance devised by Madeleine Hicks featuring Lila Toshiko and Christen Heilman, creates a visual representation of personal rebirth, creative force, and primal femininity utilizing a rich soundscape and video installation accompanied by devised movement. And Natalie Risk offers a powerful blend of spoken word poetry and choreography that provides a new perspective on appropriation of bodies and the colonization of the mind.


All three pieces will play on a cycle between 7pm-10pm. Audiences are welcome to come and go as they please.

Sarah Atenhan, Becca Hoback, McKay House, Amanda Howard, Lena Mazel & Lauren Cougan, Tosha Marie Pendergast, Hadassah Perry, Amanda Reichert



Thursday, Aug 1st at 8PM + Friday, Aug 2nd at 8PM

The Garage at Track One

$15 in advance / $20 at the door

Bringing together some of the most exciting choreographers in Nashville, Counterpoint offers a series of unique perspectives on the world through the eyes of young women. The assemblage of short-form dance pieces includes a focus on representations of the female body, the changing state of comedy, complex interpersonal relationships, and meditations on contemporary society’s expectations of women. Blending exciting floor choreography, aerial work, and original film, Counterpoint is an evening not to be missed.

Including performances of:

        "Catharsis" by Tosha Marie Pendergast

        "Cosmo, not." by Sarah Atenhan

        “Kismet” by Hadassah Perry

“Me 2” by Amanda Howard

“Out of Place” by Lena Mazel & Lauren Cougan

“Rendering” by Becca Hoback

“Wrong Number” by Amanda Reichert

A new work by McKay House

Amanda Card


Friday, August 2nd at 7PM

Silo Room at Track One

$10 in advance / $12 at the door

Welcome to The Lil' Amanda Show! There is nothing quite so sacred, secret, and magical as a little girl's bedroom - especially when that little girl is an aspiring talk-show host/actor/singer/ dancer/playwright/soap opera star. In Lil' Amanda's room, there's no telling what you might see. Stuffed animals that come to life? Definitely. Dancing coat racks? Probably. But what happens when a child who lives primarily in their daydreams is faced with trauma? For the first time on stage, beloved Nashville actress Amanda Card delivers a sampling of a new work that is at times hysterical and consistently personally vulnerable and honest. 


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